Myth Of An Atom

October 5 & 6 at Queen St. Playhouse at 10:00pm

MYTH OF AN ATOM is the brainchild of New York-based duo, visual designer Christian Hannon (NON Visuals) and musician/producer Fallen Atom. Eclectically fusing elements of hip hop, R&B, future bass, and electronic soundscapes with fluid, sound reactive imagery, this audiovisual performance explores the nature of light, sound, and the cinematic experience with a live band. Atom and Hannon are accompanied by other musicians behind a translucent screen that is projection mapped by Hannon's visuals, creating a holographic effect. The visuals and music are of a modular nature, making each show a unique adventure for the viewer and the performers.

Hannon and Atom are Charleston natives, who debuted their project locally at the inaugural Charleston Arts Festival Finale in October of 2016.