Our second featured Artist in the Create | Erase | Repeat series is Chechel Justiss. 

After growing up in Alabama, Chechel moved to Charleston in 2009 to be with siblings that had already moved there. With a studio art background Chechel tried to figure out how to keep going with her artwork as well as making a living. Chechel then decided to get a degree in Nursing to allow for a career that would allow and support her start in an art career. While textures in nature are a big influence in her art, being near the water and a love for the the mysteriousness of the ocean has turned her focus towards fish and the school formations they make. Most of her schooling background is in photography, but once she got her hands into sculpture her medium took a turn. Today, her artwork focuses on detailed drawings mixing in watercolor and metal leafing. She then finishes her works by manipulating paper to pop out of itself while still being intact. Chechel's works are truly something to see and experience in person.