Create|Erase|Repeat is an ongoing Charleston Artist Festival video series that follows a whiteboard to different locales and invites Charleston-based artists to create their own original art before erasing it for the next artist. Each artist speaks about their personal influences and how Charleston has affected them as an artist. A room at the Charleston Arts Festival Finale will be dedicated to Create|Erase|Repeat and will showcase large-scale prints of each artist's final work. A reel of all of the creations' mini documentaries will be shown, as well as behind the scenes highlights from each session. 

The first featured artist of the series is Connor Lock. As well as being an artist in Charleston, Connor also runs a company called S E V E N. Named after his lucky number, S E V E N isn't simply a graphic design company, just as Connor is not simply a designer. He embodies a multitude of skills that are transparent in his work. Whether you want a sleek logo or a quirky illustration of a pelican flying with a koala and a balloon, Connor is your man. His wheels are constantly turning. In fact, his noggin is a piece of art in itself. For more check out: