ORIGIN | A Culinary Evolution

James Beard-award winning chef Jason Stanhope teams up with artists of other mediums to present Origin | A Culinary Evolution. This multi-course dinner is designed around the theme of “evolution” and guests will dine as audience members to a feat of cross-genre collaboration.

By incorporating themes of evolution into every element, the dinner will honor the fundamentals of nature in three movements – using dance, original poetry, scored musical compositions, live music, and projected visual arts. In addition to Chef Jason Stanhope, Origin | A Culinary Evolution will feature the talents of Edmund’s Oast head bartender Jayce McConnell, Charleston Poet Laureate Marcus Amaker, Charleston Arts Festival Director Andrew Walker, projection artist Christian Hannon, PURE Theatre's Joy Vandervort Cobb, lighting designer Todd St. Onge of Technical Event Company, set designer Lisa Thomas of Ooh! Events as well as Movement Union, a professional contemporary dance company led by Sara Sumner.

Chef Stanhope and Jayce McConnell have released the following menu for the dinner:



High Wire Distillery, 
652 King St, 652 King St,
Charleston, SC 29403

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