Poster Design by Paul Cristina

Poster Design by Paul Cristina

On November 12, 2008, a disparate group of volunteers from a wide range of professions, interests, and experiences banded together to present the very first Pecha Kucha Night for the creatives of our community.  Who knew what would happen?

One thing that has happened: On October 5, 2017, almost NINE years later, a TWENTY-SEVENTH Pecha Kucha will blast into the Charleston Music Hall as a production of the second Charleston Arts Festival-- still all-volunteer and still edgy and thought-provoking.

This batch of stellar presenters will be eight Charleston superstar artists and will be revealed week-by-week as the PK 27 date approaches. Follow us for updates on featured speakers.

Tim Hussey, who presented at that long-ago and historic Pecha Kucha I, will serve as the emcee for this very special evening.

Pecha Kucha XXVII will also be part of the celebration of Art Mag’s ten years of publication.




Sara Pittman is an emerging abstract expressionist who always found art to be an intrinsic part of her being. Relying heavily on intuition, Pittman's work explores the constant exchange between her repressed state of mind and her conscious self. These are represented through the juxtaposition of loose and controlled movement, defined areas with the use of negative space, and the tension between bold and soft color. Incorporating negative space invites the viewer to have a focused dialogue with the images that are presenting themselves and beckons deeper observation. A wordless narrative unfolds in the thin, transparent layers of paint and mark-making, evoking a sense of mood and mystery between what the viewer sees as the foreground and what the eye sees overlying it. The depth of her work creates an experience by asking those viewing it to come closer and unveil what is buried beneath. Pittman grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and was raised by an artistic family who acted as an inspirational staple throughout her childhood. Her mother, an encaustic artist and art therapist, was the first to really introduce her to the world of art. With her family's support, she quickly began evolving as an artist and went on to study painting at Huntingdon College, receiving her BFA in May 2015. Pittman moved to Charleston, South Carolina after being accepted into Redux Contemporary Art Center in August 2016 where she continues to work out of her studio as a full-time artist. Sara held her first solo exhibition at Mitchell Hill of Charleston in 2016. She recently had a two-person exhibition, “Paintings by Jeffrey Cortland Jones and Sara Pittman,” at Matthew Rachman Gallery in Chicago, IL. Her work can be found in over 40 regional and national private collections and has been included in projects such as renowned French designer Jean-Louis Deniot's Miami house for Elle Decor. Pittman has been published in both national and international publications.

Becca Barnet

Becca Barnet's work is driven by a fascination with natural history and preservation. Born in Spartanburg, SC, Becca is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. She also attended the Missouri Taxidermy Institute where she fine-tuned her special knack and patience for taxidermy repair – from cleaning to complete mount renovations. She’s put her precision and passion for replicating textures and preserving animals into the creation of an array of museum displays including creating work for the American Museum of Natural History, the SC Aquarium and the Charleston Museum. She is currently focusing on creating exhibits and custom art installations under her company, Sisal Creative.


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