Poster Design by Paul Cristina 

Poster Design by Paul Cristina 

On November 12, 2008, a disparate group of volunteers from a wide range of professions, interests, and experiences banded together to present the very first Pecha Kucha Night for the creatives of our community.  Who knew what would happen?

One thing that has happened: On October 5, 2017, almost NINE years later, a TWENTY-SEVENTH Pecha Kucha will blast into the Charleston Music Hall as a production of the second Charleston Arts Festival-- still all-volunteer and still edgy and thought-provoking.

This batch of stellar presenters will be eight Charleston superstar artists and will be revealed week-by-week as the PK 27 date approaches. Follow us for updates on featured speakers.

Tim Hussey, who presented at that long-ago and historic Pecha Kucha I, will serve as the emcee for this very special evening.

Pecha Kucha XXVII will also be part of the celebration of Art Mag’s ten years of publication.