The Charleston Arts Festival FINALE 

Charleston Arts Festival Founder and Creative Director Andrew Walker retired his popular ten-season JAIL BREAK event series in 2015, but promised its spirit would be rebirthed in a newer, expanded format – what’s become Charleston Arts Festival itself. But what became of the epic party at the Old City Jail? It’s still on, and this time it’s bigger and better as the festival’s Finale event. With curated rooms, live performances and mind-bending installations, the FINALE will represent the best of all things creative in Charleston.

Old City Jail
21 Magazine St,
Charleston, SC 29401

Music Circle


We are excited to announce the most diverse Music Lineup that we have ever had. Check it out! 

There will also be live music inside the jail. 


Visual Arts

Charleston Arts Festival’s commitment to visual arts continues with cutting-edge art integrated into the major interior and exterior spaces at the jail, which will become a veritable studio and museum and gallery, all contained within its historic walls. Curated and directed by Terry Fox, artists from Redux Contemporary Arts Center, Show & Tell, Artist & Craftsman, Fabulon Art, Enough Pie, and other fine arts and community-building entities will be represented with work by local photographers, painters, weavers, fabric artists, and creators from other disciplines arrayed throughout the jails. Work by both gallery-represented and independent artists will be on display.

Comedy Circle


Reminiscent of past JAIL BREAK events, CAF’s Finale will include comedy performances in a dedicated room curated and hosted by Henry Riggs of Rip City. Though the vibe from local comics this year will feature more experimental shows in addition to stand-up. Stand-up comedians include Jeremy McLellan, Jon Antoine, and Jessica Mickey, plus sketch comedy by Nameless Numberhead, a live taping of the Joseph Coker Podcast, a brand new live radio play from John Brennan and Matthew F. Perry, and the debut of I AM DAR – Kevin Hanley’s highly anticipated musical loosely based on the 1982 film Beastmaster. To top it all off, the night closes out with Charleston favorite cult classic variety show, Rip City CHS which will feature Tim Hoeckel, Jason Groce, Camille Lowman, Hunter Gardner, Deshawn Mason, Andy Livengood, Scott Frank, and more.


Poetry Cirle


Also inside the jail, Charleston's Poet Laureate, Marcus Amaker, will host a poetry event featuring local poets and authors, including Matthew Foley, Derek Berry, Joey Tucker and Mariah Artigues. The reading will be recorded for OHM Radio, 96.3 FM. Books, CDs and vinyl will be for sale from the authors, as well as unique poetry written on-site (on a typewriter!) by the poets for audience members.

Dance Circle


Meanwhile, festival-goers that wander outdoors will be treated to a multitude of talent from a variety of local dance companies, studios and independent choreographers of all disciplines. Jenny Broe of Dance Lab will act as Director of Dance and coordinate efforts between Dance Lab's LaBrats and Guinea Pigs, The Lab Bad Girls Club, Creative Edge Dance Center, Peace, Love, Hip-Hop, The Movement Union, Buen Ache, and Holy City Salsa. Audiences will witness tremendous athletic efforts, breath-taking visual representations, poetic movements in beautiful synchronization and electrifying illustrations of dance art created with intention.

Create Erase Repeat

Create Erase Repeat 

A separate room at the jail will be dedicated to the festival’s unique “Create/Erase/Repeat” video project, which will highlight the artists included in this series. The videos themselves will be on view throughout; photographs of each artist’s finished work will be on display, and the festival’s erase board will be on site for spontaneous creations by attendees.

Photos Provided by William Long

FOOD Trucks 

What’s a party without food trucks? Confirmed so far are Roti Rolls, BKeD, and Short Grain, just named one of America’s best new restaurants by Bon Appetit.

Roti Rolls

Short Grain just named one of America's best new restaurants by Bon Appetit.